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Spinal Stenosis


What is Spinal Stenosis?

Spinal Stenosis refers to narrowing of the spaces in the spine through which the nerves travel to get to your arms and legs.  Stenosis can be caused by a number of things the most common is degeneration (Osteo Arthritis) associated with aging. Approximately 50% of people over 50 who see their doctor with leg pain have stenosis.  People with stenosis often have no low back pain and primarily complain of difficulty walking


How Do I Know If I Have Stenosis?

The diagnosis of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis can largely be determined by your history, range of motion and special physical tests which can be performed in office. Imaging such as X-Ray, CT or MRI are only required in a minority of cases.


How Do You Treat Stenosis

Dr. Anderson treats Stenosis with a specific protocol of mobilizations combined with  exercises which you can do at home or at your gym .  Treatments typically take approximately 15 to 20 minutes per session and are carried out over approximately 6 weeks.

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