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Dr Chris Anderson is both a Chiropractor and Certified Pedorthist in Nanaimo


Dr. Chris Anderson is located in Central Nanaimo near Bowen Road and Dufferin Crescent.  He offers many forms of treatment to suit a clients particular condition and preferences.


Dr. Anderson has a special interest in helping those with chronic and recurrent low back pain.   His approach combines rehabilitative exercise with low force techniques in the management of spinal stenosis and persistant low back pain. Spinal stenosis often presents as pain and weakness in the legs and difficulty walking after 50.

Evidence Informed Practice


Dr. Anderson provides a variety of treatment options tailored to the specific person and the problems that they present with.  He will work with you to develop a comprehensive treatment approach that respects your specific concerns and preferences.  We offer a variety of approaches from classic chiropractic manipulative techniques and instrument adjusting to laser therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, muscle energy techniques and others.  for more information or to ask Dr. Anderson a question directly please call. 250 - 585 - 5304

Health Insurance

Health Insurance 

Pedorthic/Orthotic Site

Pedorthists Manufacture Orthotics and Orthopedic Shoes

Pedorthists are specially trained to evaluate the lower limb and foot in order to design, manufacture, fit and modify custom foot orthotics.  We can also fit custom and over the counter braces and supports. Unlike other providers who simply take an impression of your foot and send it to a lab we locally manufacture, service and repair what we sell giving you local service and faster turn around for modifications and repairs. No waiting for weeks to have your orthotics fixed and returned

Diabetic Feet

Dr. Anderson has been trained in Amputation Prevention and Comprehensive Mangement of the Diabetic Foot.  He can provide Orthotic and Footwear Options that are specifically tailored to you.  Due to the rapid changes common ot the Diabetic foot it is wise to ensure an orthotic and footwear provider who has training specific to the diabetic foot and can rapidly modify your orthotics and return them to you before you suffer injury.

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