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Below I have linked various sites and videos that I feel do a particularly impressive job of explaining concepts and answering the questions that I get asked in practice every day.  

Questions To Ask About

Low back pain

I recently found this excellent white board video by Dr. Mike Evans that was funded by the Ontario Government.  It does a fantastic job of explaining  a logical and evidence based process for the evaluation, management and prognosis for Low Back Pain.  Anyone with low back pain  should watch this video to gain a better understanding of this condition.


New Concepts In Pain Management

There has been a great deal of research surrounding  chronic and persistent pain in the last 20 years.  This video by Professor Lorimer Mosley provides a fantastic explanation of recent advances in pain science.


Evidence Informed Practice

Evidence Informed Practice combines the best scientific evidence with clinician experience and the preferences of the patient.  This video explains the process.