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Exercises for Low Back Pain

Low Back Mobility (Level 1)

Exercises for low back pain

These are the exercises we recommend for most patients when they first consult with us for Low Back Pain

Low Back Stability (Level 2A)

Exercises to begin for low back pain once you are able

Initial Low Back Stability Exercises

Low Back Stretching (Level 2b)

Low Back Pain Stretches

Initial low back stretching exercises

Low Back Endurance & Strengthening (Level 3)

Exercises for Strengthening low back Canadain Chiropractic Guideline Iniative

As you Low Back Pain subsides improving your strength and endurance can decrease the likelihood of your pain coming back.

Yoga Exercises for Low Back Pain

Yoga exercises for low back pain Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Iniative

 This series of yoga videos for low back pain, created by the Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative (CCGI) in 2017, is based on the most recent clinical practice guidelines for the management of low back pain. The videos are presented by Dr. David Whitty DC, a trained yoga instructor, filmed and edited by Mountain Man Media and directed by: Monica Slanik.


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Exercises for neck and shoulder pain

Neck Mobility Exercises Initial

CCGI Neck Mobility Exercises

These exercises are to gradually increase the range of motion in your neck.  This is the starting point for the neck exercises we recommend

Posture, Neck Stretching & Shoulder Stretching

Exercises for posture neck stretching and shoulder stretching

As your pain decreases try these exercises to increase range of motion in the neck and shoulder as well as improving posture.

Neck Motor Control and Strengthening

Neck strengthening exercises

Initial exercises for strengthening the muscles of the neck.  If you have tight muscles they are often compensating for poor posture or muscle weakness.

Shoulder Blade Motor Control and Strengthening


Strengthening the muscles of the shoulder and shoulder blade will help to reduce your risk of neck pain